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Escort announces new Redline radar detector

Posted in Escort by Shane McGlaun on July 31st, 2009

escortredlineWhen I was a kid, my dad always had radar detectors in his car. All I remember is that each time we passed a store, a cell phone, or a tree the thing would beep. I never understood how you were supposed to know if it was the police looking for speeders or someone walking into a gas station that set the device off.

Escort has a new radar detector called the Redline that offers dual antennas to make the range much longer than other radar detectors. Escort claims that the detector can recognize radar and laser signatures from 13 miles away.

Passport announces 9500ix radar detector with GPS

Posted in Automotive by Shane McGlaun on June 30th, 2008

Passport 9500ixIf you are the type that is a perennial speeder you probably already have a radar detector in your car. Not all radar detectors are created equal and if you have an older one you know how each time you drive by a Wal-Mart it goes off.

Escort is one of the top names in radar detectors and its Passport line has a new item called the 9500ix. This radar detector has the 360-degree protection from radar and laser speed detectors. In addition to the standard radar and laser detection the 9500ix also has a GPS-enabled database for speed cameras.