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Critter Cruiser racetrack makes your Hamster dizzy

Posted in Pets by Conner Flynn on September 30th, 2008

Critter Cruiser racetrack makes your Hamster dizzyYou might remember when we told you about the Critter Cruiser awhile back. The hamster hot rod that you park your critter in so you can give him a ride, because it’s nice to get out of the cage once in a while. Well, now it comes with the Hamtrack, so your little gerbil friend can go round and round like a furry Nascar driver who’s not afraid to poop in his car, getting exercise the whole time.

The car works both with and without the track. The car is about $36, while the car and track set will cost you about $63. Maybe you can get some sponsors for your rat races and put little stickers on the car. I’m pretty sure we here at the ‘Brick would like a piece of that action.