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More Mac Malware Spotted

Posted in Mac by Conner Flynn on July 9th, 2009

First Mac botnet detected by SymantecI don’t want to hate on Macs and the nerds that love them, but they’ve always defended their overpriced Macs with stuff like “we don’t get malware”. And for a while they were right, simply because in pure numbers Macs weren’t worth attacking compared to PCs, because most people were using PCs. Well, now that more people are using Macs these days, we see a rise in Malware as well. So they won’t be able to use that old gem anymore.

The numbers of attacks on the Mac OS X is growing. While it’s still extremely small compared to the figures for PCs, the figures are there and they’re growing. The latest threat is Puper, which is a Trojan disguised as a video program for the fictional MacCinema system on OS X. Researchers at McAfee Avert Labs have determined that the attack is staged to look like a disk image, which will launch an installer application for the non-existent software. Once installed, the user’s computer is infected with a malicious script file called AdobeFlash, which will launch itself every five hours while attempting to download and launch other malware on the system.