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Keyboard Fingertip Gloves

Posted in Apparel by Conner Flynn on September 21st, 2008

Keyboard Fingertip GlovesIt’s a conundrum that has plagued musicians for years. You love your keyboard, but it’s just too big to take with you. That’s why some forward thinking geek took it upon himself to create these gloves instead of make love to a girl. The Fingertip Keyboard Gloves are probably a good way to keep your kids busy and out of your hair while they try to make music. They play musical notes when the fingertips are tapped against almost any flat surface.

Apparently, individual gloves can play an entire octave in the key of C, and pressing the heel of the hand will change the middle three fingers to final notes A, B and C. Both gloves are hooked up to an speaker via a wire, which should give you enough volume for a small concert in your personal space. The device charges via USB and costs $69.95. Now that these gloves have arrived, it’s time to hook them up to a video game like Guitar Hero so we can watch Beethoven rock out to your jams.