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Recycled Motherboard Pen

Posted in Pens by Conner Flynn on May 10th, 2010

If anything will get geeks and techies to write with a pen once again instead of a keyboard, it’s this recycled motherboard pen. Sadly, the square shape doesn’t look very comfortable. On the other hand, it should impress all of your friends and cubicle-mates.

It’s only $4.99. But I’ll just stick to my keyboard since that square shape makes it look painful. If they would have put a flash drive on the other end I would be sold.

Folio and booklight for Kindle 2

Posted in kindle by Conner Flynn on April 27th, 2009

Folio and booklight for Kindle 2If your Kindle 2 was feeling a little naked, now it has a new Folio booklight case to snuggle up to, complete with small memo pad, a pen and a retractable light for night time reading. Your Kindle 2 will feel fully clothed at last.

It isn’t cheap at $50, considering what the Kindle 2 has already cost you, but you’ll be helping the economy I guess. Or you can go to Amazon is where for $30 you can get a standard book cover without the pen and notepad and light.

Ball Pen with Wi-Fi detector

Posted in Wi-Fi by Conner Flynn on April 22nd, 2009

Ball Pen with Wi-Fi detectorHere’s another useful device to have in your pocket. The “Ball Pen With Wi-Fi Detector”. This tiny ball pen will help you find a good signal and choose the best place to get access to the internet. Armed with this pen, you will Always find the best Wi-Fi networks.

It integrates an 802.11B and G Wi-Fi detector and strength meter in the form of 4 LEDs. Just push the button and the pen will automatically search for a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot. The pen really is mightier than the sword. I’ve never seen a sword do that.

Scope Node Mouse, as Precise as a Pen

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on March 17th, 2009

Scope Node Mouse, as Precise as a PenElecom Japan introduced their latest hi-end mouse, which is a bit unusual. The Scope Node M-SN1UL. They’ve completely redone the design for “pen and paper” like precision for pointing at things with your favorite tool, the mouse.

It has a laser sensor (1600dpi) placed where a pen point is typically located in your hand. With the device’s off-center laser, Elecom claims a high level of precision. For some reason it also has a weird exposed scroll wheel, that looks kinda neat. It’s only available in Japan, so if you live anywhere else, you’ll have to make due with less than accurate pointing.

Thanko pen reads 4 SD cards simultaneously

Posted in Card Readers by Conner Flynn on March 5th, 2009

Thanko pen reads 4 SD cards simultaneouslyThanko has released a new four-slot USB SD card reader in the form of a pen. I’m not sure what situation would arise where you would need to read four different SD cards at the same time, but if it happens you are covered.

The SD4PEN can read four SD or SDHC cards (up to 16GB) as well as let you write all of the usual mundane things you write throughout the course of your day. Nothing on pricing yet or a release date, but we’re sure it will be soon. I mean you need another pen and you’ve got SD cards. You need this.

ACME Ray Gun pen

Posted in Pens by Conner Flynn on February 7th, 2009

ACME Ray Gun penI haven’t written in pen for a long time, but had I had the Ray Gun pen, I would be writing in pen constantly, making pew pew sounds followed by explosions. This pen comes from a company named ACME and is clearly the best pen ever made.

The “Ray Gun” is a retractable roller ball with a “special ‘gun sight’-shaped clip,” a stand that completes the look and even some cool packaging. It was created by U.K. designer Ben Hall and will be available this month for $130.

$19K pen with watch parts that don’t work

Posted in Watches by Conner Flynn on October 22nd, 2008

$19K pen with watch parts that don’t workBehold. Now you know what A-hole bankers use to sign checks back and forth to each other. It’s called the 1010, a limited edition 18k gold pen from Swiss company Caran d’Ache. The idea is that this piece is to “celebrate the special genius of watchmakers.” It gets the 1010 name because of the look of a watch’s hands at that time of day or night. This expensive and ludicrously fancy update to the feathered quill pen doesn’t even have working gears. Those gears are all non-working, making this an expensive ruse with another ruse.

Some other allusions to timepieces include the clip that looks like a watch hand, the decorative balance wheel mounted between two rubies under a sapphire dome, and then there’s the tiny tick marks etched around its barrel. It even has a ruby-studded piston pump to move the ink from its interior to its nib. That’s right I said nib.


Assemble Your Own Pen is too much DIY

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on August 25th, 2008

Assemble Your Own Pen is too much DIYI thought that buying prepackaged goods was supposed to make life easier, but I guess I was wrong. However those who are completely obsessed with DIY will probably appreciate this and find it fun. The Falter 2D pen makes you work to have your pen and write with it.

The DIY assembly kit even comes with a flat piece of iron that you’ll fold into your pen holder. At $39, you could probably save yourself some trouble and just lift a pen from the next cubicle. Leave 5 bucks if you feel bad you’ll still be better off. Apparently the Falter is handmade in Italy. Just not completed. That’s up to you. Me, I have enough to do already.

13 in 1 Multi Tool Pen has MacGuyver written all over it

Posted in Tools by Conner Flynn on August 19th, 2008

13 in 1 Multi Tool Pen has MacGuyver written all over it
We’ve seen our share of multi-tools, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen a multi tool pen before. My guess is that this would be MacGuyver’s pen of choice. It’s got so many useful tools inside, it will definitely get you out of a jam and help you build a plane out of duct tape and porn mags.

Tools include a Ballpoint Pen, Hole Puncher, Stainless Steel File, Short Cutting Blade, Flat Screwdriver, Wire Sleeve Remover/Small Nail Remover, Ear Pick(wtf), Long Cutting Blade, Tweezer, Philips Screwdriver, Stainless Steel Fork and Saw. It’s worth a shot at only $14.95. You never know when you’re going to need a pen AND a fork at the same time. And there’s always the rare occasion when you need both and an ear pick.

World’s smallest fishing rod & reel pen

Posted in Outdoors by Conner Flynn on June 1st, 2008

World’s smallest fishing rod & reel pen
If you’re an outdoors kind of person, but don’t like to carry large gear, such as awkward and long fishing rods, this gadget is for you. It’s the smallest fishing rod in the world. Apparently, it actually has some quality to it. It’s made of stainless steel and polished aluminum. And guys take note, just because you have a small rod, doesn’t mean you can’t reel in a big fish.

They say it can catch a fish up to 4lbs in weight. When it’s all closed up it measures just 8 inches, but will extend to 37inches. It’s small and lightweight, perfect for the Bear Grylls type to quickly catch dinner and continue adventuring. You can store it anywhere. Can hold 120 yds of 5lb line and comes with hooks and everything else you need to get started.

Iogear debuts new digital OCR pen

Posted in Iogear,Pens by Nino Marchetti on August 20th, 2007

Iogear Digital ScribeIogear unveiled today a new device for transferring longhand notes and drawings from paper to a computer. This product is called the Digital Scribe (GPEN100C) and it should be available now for around $100.

The Iogear Digital Scribe is an electronic pen which uses standard ink and also transmits what you write on paper to a PC so it can be converted to digital text for editing and storage. The pen has an infrared sensor to capture hand movements and an ultrasonic transmitter in it which sends signals to an electronic receiver. This receiver, connected to a Windows machine through a USB cable, sends what you’ve written to OCR software for digital conversion.


No-Ink Pen that will Outlast You

Posted in Accessories by Paul Patterson on December 26th, 2006

Metal PenThe metal pen is the one pen you can always count on to write down your ideas. This pen doesn’t use ink but instead has a metal ‘nib’ that allows it to write on virtually any type of paper.

The pen relies on a technique known as Metalpoint (or Silverpoint when the stylus is made of silver). Metalpoint is typically associated with the Renaissance and was used by artists such as da Vinci, Dürer and Rembrandt. Metalpoint pens had a special soft metal stylus made of silver, lead, bismuth, gold or bronze. When drawn over an abrasive paper surface it would leave small deposits behind thereby producing faint lines.

The metal pen is a modern version which uses a solid metal alloy ‘nib’. The pen leaves a mark that will not smudge on most types of paper and since there is no ink, there is …