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Make Your Own Peanut Butter

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on September 6th, 2008

Make Your Own Peanut ButterSome of you may prefer making your own foods rather then buying them from store shelves. If you choose to make your own peanut butter, well that’s just Skippy. Good for you. It will be fresher, not loaded with preservatives and other chemicals and you’ll get the respect of peanut enthusiasts like former President Jimmy Carter. Your sandwich of choice, PB&J will taste awesome.

Just pour 2 cups of peanuts and decide whether you want crunchy or smooth. After that, just spread it, eat and let it stick to the roof of your mouth. It will cost $50 starting at the end of the month. Might just be easier to buy it in the store, but at a few bucks a jar this machine will save you money.