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Outel wireless USB remote control

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on September 14th, 2008

Outel wireless USB remote controlIf you bought a laptop that doesn’t have a nifty remote control, the Outel Wireless USB Laptop Remote Control is a nice solution. It fits inside your laptop’s PCMCIA slot and will deliver full wireless remote control functionality. Just pop it out of the slot, plug the dongle into the USB port and you’re good to go. Great for controlling your music, video playback and other multimedia jazz from up to 30m away.

The best part has nothing to do with your laptop however. It’s all the fun you and your cat will have playing with the integrated laser pointer. It will cost you £15.59 and your cat will thank you, by chasing the pretty light and getting some exercise, while you sit and gain weight while using your remote.