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YouTube to offer pay-per-view movie service by end of 2010

Posted in YouTube by Conner Flynn on August 29th, 2010

You can find all kinds of stupid pet tricks and stupid human tricks on YouTube, but no pay-per-view content like Apple, Amazon, and others. Well, the Financial Times is reporting that parent company Google has been in talks with “Hollywood’s leading movie studios” for several months regarding the launch of an international pay-per-view service by the end of this year.

Looks like it would cost about $5 for new titles (streaming, not download) that would be available the same time as the DVD releases. The site has been doing rentals on a trial basis since early this year, with a handful of indie titles.

Wii pay-per-view introduced in Japan

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on November 23rd, 2009

WiiTVWe Americans are still waiting for the TV Guide Channel that Japanese Wii users have been using for nearly two years and now Variety is reporting that Nintendo has teamed up with several corporate partners for a Japanese pay-per-view service for the console.

Last Saturday, Wii no Ma (Wii’s Room) premiered. It currently has 120 titles, including such blockbusters as episodes of Sesame Street and Pocket Monsters, available from ¥30 – ¥500 ($.35 – $5.63). Titles can also be viewed on your Nintendo DSi handheld.