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iPhone 4 to surpass Nikon D90 as Flickr’s most-used camera

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on April 18th, 2011

Looks like the iPhone 4 is about to hit another milestone. It will soon be the most popular camera on Flickr. The site’s Camera Finder shows Apple’s phone ready to overtake the Nikon D90 and it has already passed Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II, Rebel T1i, and Rebel XSi.

Flickr notes that the graphs only track shots with metadata identifying the camera and might omit shots from any platform that has had the information omitted. Some editing tools also either have the option to clear out metadata or will do it by default. D90 users and other DSLR users are more likely to use editing tools than iPhone owners and that will certainly skew the results. Still, we don’t doubt the power of the mighty iPhone 4.