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White iPhone 4 spotted in New York

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on October 16th, 2010

The guys over at Pocket-Lint caught a glimpse of a white iPhone 4 which was being used by a mysterious man. They approached the owner and asked how he got his hands on the white iPhone 4 since no one else has managed to do so. He mentioned that Apple’s HQ in Cupertino has plenty of white iPhones, so he had a friend “fix him up” with the model.

We had heard that Apple isn’t too happy with their suppliers when it comes to matching the white color of the phone’s parts, so it will be a while before this issue gets sorted out.

NY Subway to get WiFi

Posted in Wi-Fi by Conner Flynn on August 1st, 2010

Six station platforms near 14th Street will be wired for WiFi and cellular service, despite delays and a $900 million dollar deficit. It’s part of a longstanding initiative by the NYC Transit Authority. Plans for passengers to receive calls and check their email between stops have been underway for two years, but a huge $200 million contract with Australian firm Transit Wireless LLC is making it happen finally.

After the stations near 14 Street, Transit Wireless has four years to bring the rest of New York’s subway system into the digital age.

Yahoo to offer free Wi-Fi

Posted in Yahoo by Conner Flynn on November 10th, 2009

Yahoo to offer free Wi-FiGoogle recently made a gift of free WiFi to 47 airports across the US. Now Google’s nemesis Yahoo, also wants to be a part of the free Wi-Fi game, so they are offering it up in New York’s Times Square next year.

Yahoo says: “While Yahoo! is the place where your world meets the world online, over 500,000 of you take in Times Square each day and it’s become a central spot for New Yorkers and people around the world. We and our partners at the Times Square Alliance think it’s the perfect place to bring you free Wi-Fi service.”

New York to offer RFID-embedded driver’s licenses

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on September 16th, 2008

New York to offer RFID-embedded driver’s licensesThe State of New York has now begun offering driver’s licenses embedded with RFID chips, which they are calling enhanced driver’s licenses (EDLs). This comes just after New York became the second state in the country to offer RFID embedded identification that can be shown at the border in place of a U.S. passport. The chip in the new licenses will have the ability to be scanned by authorities in order to identify citizens entering the state from Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean. International travelers still need to produce an old fashioned passport to enter the country.

Since New York knows that many people do not trust RFID technology, you can still get the old RFID-lite version which does not act as a passport. According to authorities, no personal information will be stored or transmitted by the chip, only an identification number. Should you be interested, the new licenses will cost you an extra $30 over the $50 licensing fee. Hopefully they’re working on technology that makes you not look like a dork on your DL picture.

Crazy iPhone 3G line forms in NYC

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on July 6th, 2008

Crazy iPhone 3G line forms in NYC
The supply is expected to be plentiful, nevertheless a line has already begun outside of Apple’s Fifth Avenue retail store to buy iPhone 3G a week before its release. These people are serious and have their supplies for camping. Wouldn’t it be nicer to stay at home with your families?

Part of the line is occupied by some activists known as “Waiting for Apples” who are hoping to set a Guinness World Record and spread the word about sustainable agriculture. They brought their own solar-power generator, yoga mats, a compost bin full of worms, and probably other hippie essentials. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to spend a week then sitting on my ass next to these guys. Yeah, that would just be awesome…

Mind blowing chair sends images to brain via skin

Posted in Furniture by Conner Flynn on February 5th, 2008

Mind blowing chair is creepyThe Mind Chair will blow your mind if the product description is accurate and can be believed. It uses sensory substitution techniques that enable the sitter to see moving images right in their brain. The nerves in the skin are the mode of transport. Cool and yet very very creepy. Just sit somebody down in this thing and you could interrogate them as if you had just pumped them full of psychotropic drugs.

The Mind Chair will be made available to curious onlookers at the MoMA in New York as part of the Design and the Electric Mind exhibition. Problem is, like a scene from some Phillip K. Dick novel, did you experience what you thought you did? Or in reality did they sit you down in that chair and brainwash you? I suppose you’ll never know. Sucks to be you. I’m staying away from the chair, thank you.