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Mtron announces new SSDs and new SSD controller tech

Posted in Mtron by Shane McGlaun on June 20th, 2008

Mtron XTM 7500Today the common speed that SSDs operate at is 130MB/s for read and 120MB/s for write speed. This is significantly faster than traditional hard drives can match, even when spinning at 10000 RPM. Eventually the SSD will replace the traditional hard drive, but right now the hard drive still reigns supreme.

Mtron has announced a new controller technology for SSDs that will make the SSD even more appealing to enterprise customers. The new controller tech uses 8-channels rather than the 4 used today. Mtron says the new controller technology will allow for read speeds of 260MB/s and write speeds of 240MB/s. Drives based on the new controller technology are expected in early 2009.

Imation jumps into the SSD business

Posted in Storage by Shane McGlaun on March 11th, 2008

Imation SSDMost geeks can understand the allure of a SSD drive with much faster data access, read and write speeds. What most geeks can’t get behind is the huge price premium you pay for the SSD when compared to a traditional hard drive and the amount of storage space you give up.

Today a typical hard drives in a computer are at least 80GB, even in tiny ultra portable systems. If you opt for a SSD you typically get 32MB, though some larger SSD drives are available like the 832 GB BiTMICRO SSD from CES 2008.