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Montegiro’s Legno luxury wooden turntable

Posted in Turntables by Conner Flynn on January 13th, 2009

Montegiro’s Legno luxury wooden turntableIsn’t it ironic that some of the most beautiful turntables have shown up long after the days of vinyl? If only we had had such beauty back in the days of records. Germany based company, Montegiro, has a new high-end audio system in the form of the new Legno turntable.

It uses bamboo as well as high-grade steel to produce beautiful music from your old vinyl collection. The company decided to use a bamboo chassis because of the wood’s stabilizing and resonance-damping properties. There are also four adjustable and high-grade steel feet with rubber O-rings. The Montegiro’s Legno luxury wooden turntable is now available for a mind-blowing $13,240.