деньги в займ на карту

Dreams Money-Saving BanClock

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on October 1st, 2008

Dreams Money-Saving BanClockJust when you thought it was safe here comes yet another wacky clock. A very boxy and not swell to look at clock. This one is a lot like the Coin Lamp, in that it is a money hungry device. This Money-Saving BanClock makes you insert a coin of any value or currency before it will shut up. I think that’s called extortion. This clock/bank will hold about $25 before it needs to be emptied.

You’ll need a supply of coins by the clock so you can shut it up without punching a hole in it. What’s with these savings devices though? It used to be that people were disciplined enough to save on their own without a device encouraging them.