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New D-Link adapter uses home TV cabling for network

Posted in Networking by Nino Marchetti on May 29th, 2008

D-Link Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit (DXN-221)

D-Link unveiled yesterday a new adapter kit for those wishing to extend their home networks via existing TV cabling in the home. This new kit is known as the D-Link Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit (DXN-221) and you’ll find it pricing at around $200.

The D-Link Coax Ethernet Adapter Kit (DXN-221) takes signals from attached Ethernet cables and converts them into outgoing data being transmitted via an attached coaxial cable. It comes with with two adapters, each of which includes an Ethernet port as well as a Coaxial F-type connector for bridging the two adapters together. Other adapters can be purchased separately.