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Smartphones Help Mobile Gaming Grow

Posted in Games by Shane McGlaun on January 30th, 2009

Apple iPhone 3GBefore I purchased my iPhone, I thought gaming on a mobile phone was dumb. Prior to the iPhone, I used a Motorola Razr and the graphics and control system were so bad, you can’t really consider the handset to be a mobile gaming device.

After getting my iPhone, I think about mobile gaming much differently. According to a recent report from comScore, the rapid growth of the smartphone market is giving the mobile gaming market a significant push.

PAC-MAN Mobile goes multiplayer

Posted in Games by Shane McGlaun on December 8th, 2008

PAC-MAN MobilePAC-MAN was one or the original arcade games that spawned a generation of gamers who fed the game all of their allowance in the form of quarters. As the home video game console emerged, PAC-MAN was one of the titles that virtually every Atari owner had in their library.

Bandai Namco announced recently that the mobile version of the arcade classic would be shipping soon in Europe and would include 256 levels in the single player game that faithfully recreates the original arcade version that gamers will have fond memories of.

Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile launches

Posted in Games by Shane McGlaun on December 2nd, 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour MobileMusic games are among the most popular video games around right now and they are available on virtually all gaming systems form consoles to the PC. Mobile phone users that like to play games while on the go can also get into the action with a new Guitar Hero game.

Guitar Hero World Tour mobile is available now on all major carriers nationwide and will be debuting for the Android platform in January. The game offers real-time multiplayer gaming capabilities for players no matter what network their handheld device operates on.