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Are you using Micro SD cards yet?

Posted in SanDisk by Conner Flynn on May 19th, 2009

Are you using Micro SD cards yet?How many of you have started using micro SD cards? If you have, what is your experience? If you haven’t, why not? I recently started using the micro SD cards from Sandisk after avoiding them forever. I just figured, they’re so damn tiny, they had to be annoying. But after using them, I’ve found them pretty darn useful and even though they are obscenely tiny, I’m sold.

They are especially useful for moving songs betweens between your MP3 player and phone. (Assuming you have the micro SD slot). Say you have an 8 GB MP3 player. An 8 GB card doubles your storage. That’s a no brainer. But the fact that you can take the card out and use it on your phone or other device is where they are handy.