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Logitech unveils Darkfield laser mice

Posted in Logitech by Shane McGlaun on August 19th, 2009

logitechperformancemx-sbI am a big fan of Logitech peripherals and have several of them on my desk right now. I really like the line of Logitech mice that have the special scroll wheel that spins freely for scrolling long pages. This makes flying through websites and Word docs much faster.

Logitech has announced two new mice that not only feature that cool scroll wheel, but also have new Darkfield laser senor technology. The two mice are the Logitech Performance Mouse MX and the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX. The Anywhere MX is a notebook sized portable mouse and the Performance is a full-size desktop mouse.

Z-Nano is the world’s smallest Mouse

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on December 10th, 2008

Z-Nano is the world’s smallest MouseThe Z-Nano is truly the world’s smallest mouse. It measures just 42mm (1.65″) x 21mm (0.83″) x 17.65mm (0.69″), it’s not much bigger than it’s attached USB cable or your fingertip. The cable even clips into the mouse itself with a powerful magnet for easy storage.

It even features a slot that you can use to slip in your own tiny photo to personalize the mouse. You’ll need to squint to see it. The world’s smallest mouse will cost you $60 and it will make your hand feel all weird and lonely, while your finger does all the work.

CES 2008

IceRage designer Pocket Mouse

Posted in CES 2008,Mouse by Reuben Drake on January 8th, 2008

IceRage Pocket Mouse in designer colors and slim design for portable useAccording to IceRage a mouse is hardly just a user input device for you computer, but is also a fashion statement. Because of this the company is debuting two of its new mouse models at CES – the Pocket Mouse and the Ultimate Pocket Mouse – both of which are available this month.

The pocket mouse appears to almost ignore ergonomics in favor of a fashion model-like slender design that comes in colors of blue, pink, green, silver, white and of course the oh-so-slimming black. The Pocket Mouse works well for use with a notebook on the go and comes as either a USB wired (with a retractable cord) for $60 or can be wireless via Bluetooth for another $10. It features 800 dpi tracking, a complete lack of affinity for either hand over the other and is compatible with a PC or Mac.

Deluo MouseGPS lures you into GPS mouse trap

Posted in GPS,Mouse by Nino Marchetti on October 30th, 2007

Deluo MouseGPSPeanut butter and jelly. Black and white. GPS and mouse. That’s right – someone has gone ahead and paired GPS technology with a computer rodent. Hold onto your wallets and read about the questionable new gadget known as the Deluo MouseGPS, priced at around $100.

The Deluo MouseGPS, which we first covered earlier this month, is quite simply a USB mouse with a retractable USB cord and optical scrolling. The quirky part becomes apparent when you flip the switch and it becomes a GPS receiver which “tracks 16 parallel satellite channels for ease of use in even densely urban or rural areas.” It pairs with Microsoft software such as Streets & Trips to help you navigate around town.

Logitech Unveils MX5500 Mouse, Keyboard Combo

Posted in Keyboards,Logitech,Mouse by Reuben Drake on September 4th, 2007

Logtech MX5500 Bluetooth keyboard and mouse comboLogitech has announced the the new MX5500 cordless desktop system, featuring the already launched MX Revolution mouse along with a new LCD-enhanced keyboard, both Vista-ready.

The new keyboard in this combo from Logitech focuses largely on a small LCD screen on the top center of the keyboard which prominently displays the time and date along with calculator functions, music playback status and incoming messages. The keyboard features the Vista Flip 3D, Gadgets and Zoom along with shortcut buttons and a Zero Degree tilt keyboard for comfort.

Clean Mouse

Posted in Belkin,Mouse by Chetz on June 28th, 2007

Belkin Mouse Trap and washable mouseWe wouldn’t have believed it unless we saw it with our own eyes: the world’s first washable mouse.

Belkin is set to roll out its Washable Mouse come August and just as the name states you can rinse this scroller off underneath a tap and it will still work fine once you plug it back in. The USB mouse is designed for scrolling horizontally and vertically and works on a variety of surfaces including wood and upholstery.

You can also bag your new mouse inside Belkin’s Mouse Trap, a pouch that you can zip up and take your mouse and its essentials with you wherever you go. The Mouse Trap comes in four color combos and is also hand washable too.

The H2O compatible mouse will retail for $29.99 while the Mouse Trap goes for $12.99 and is available now.

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