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iSkin EarTones earphone/mic combo

Posted in Earbuds by Conner Flynn on March 24th, 2011

iSkins, the Mac accessory maker, has unveiled a new line of sporty looking earphones called EarTones which have built-in mics specially designed for iOS devices, but they will also work with Mac and Windows computers when you use programs like Skype, iChat or FaceTime.

The microphone will give you call and iPod control on iOS devices and the iPad 2. The earphones have some great features too, like an anti-bacterial coating and a flexible neck to give the earbuds a better fit. Plus they look pretty stylish.

USB Karaoke Mute-Mic for Wii

Posted in Wii Accessories by Conner Flynn on April 7th, 2010

Remember that muzzle-like mic we told you about wayyyy back in March of last year? Looks like you can finally buy one. And if you have a voice that sounds like screeching humping monkeys, you’ll need it.

This mic absorbs all of your awful singing so you won’t disturb anyone else, while letting you sing at the top of your lungs. Pre-orders for the USB Karaoke Mute-Mic at Japan Trend Shop will cost you $80. It will also work with Windows XP and Vista.

Yeti USB Mic: World’s First THX Certified Microphone

Posted in Microphone by Conner Flynn on November 10th, 2009

Yeti USB Mic: World's First THX Certified MicrophoneWhether you are doing podcasts or just host a late night show and need a mic for your desk, at $150 this is the mic for you. Blue Microphone’s new THX certified Yeti has you covered. Plus it’s design makes it look like a hopping robot. The Yeti is the first microphone to earn a THX certification.

Blue Microphone sees that as a validation of its “incredibly low distortion, high fidelity, and balanced frequency response.” Some features include a triple capsule array for recording in stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional, an analog to digital converter and a built-in headphone amp for zero-latency monitoring.

iFrogz EarPollution Plugz with Mic for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

Posted in iFrogz by Conner Flynn on July 7th, 2009

iFrogz EarPollution Plugz with Mic for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GSiFrogz has just launched their EarPollution Plugz with Mic, offering an affordable alternative for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, and Blackberry users. It features a trendy design of the radiation warning symbol and comes in several different colors that should compliment any color case or skin you may already have.

The iFrogz headphones are a good investment for budget minded buyers. The EarPollution Plugz with Mic retails for $19.99. As you know you can do a lot worse than that price for iPhone earbuds.

E3 2008: WiiSpeak community mic for online chatting

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on July 15th, 2008

E3 2008: WiiSpeak community mic for online group chatting
Another new Wii accessory fresh from E3 is the WiiSpeak community mic and speaker that will let you chat with friends and enemies online. It’s not like an Xbox 360 headset since the emphasis is on group chatting and since it resides not on your head but on top of your TV. It will come bundled with Animal Crossing City Folk and will be out later this year. Pretty cool no? I’m not sure how it will filter out game sounds and such, but it must be pretty good.

Guitar Hero World Tour’s new guitar

Posted in Musical Instruments by Conner Flynn on June 19th, 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour’s new guitar
Most of you have heard the rumors about a touchpad on the new guitar, well now we get to see it for real. IGN previewed the new gear, and they say that the strip will be used for notes during sustains, tapping to play notes, and interfacing with the new music creator.

Interestingly, the guitar is larger than those that have come before it. Back to the drums. They’re pressure sensitive, with a plain jane mic, and the music creation software is apparently very awesome. Sadly, you can’t record vocals for songs though. The Wii version of the game will have all of the same features, which is good news for Wii owners.

Big earred mic is creepy, lacks a face

Posted in Microphone by Conner Flynn on June 15th, 2008

Big earred mic is creepy, lacks a face
This odd mic is blue, with 2 big ears, which is creepy enough, but the most disturbing thing in conjunction with those features is the lack of any face at all. The ears are supposed to capture sound in stereo just like human ears. At least that’s the idea. Problem is your subject will be so freaked out, they’ll be running in the opposite direction.

The other problem is the price. The Binaural Recording Mic from Otokinoko retails for $3,900. That’s a lot to pay to look like a dork. There is one upside to using this strange device though. If you’re filming in some remote jungle and you meet up with a hostile tribe, just grab this baby, hold it up high and they’ll be worshipping their new God.


Logitec stereo mic for your iPod

Posted in Microphone by Darrin Olson on March 5th, 2008

Logitec LIC-iREC01 iPod microphoneAnyone that owns an iPod has probably noticed at one time or another that all of them lack a common feature found in many other media players – an audio input source. This fact has opened up a market for many 3rd parties to create microphone accessories for the iPod including one of the latest designs, this time from Logitec.

The LIC-iREC01 microphone connects to any model iPod that has a docking port and provides dual microphone for stereo recording straight to the device. It also has an input port for bringing in other audio sources to record aside from the ambient noise, and it has a pass through USB port to sync up and charge the iPod without having to remove the microphone accessory. A switch on the side controls high or low levels of recording and the part that we like best is that it’s small and doesn’t need any additional cords or loose parts (aside from the dock cap) to operate.

RockBand Mic reveals the game will be hitting the Wii

Posted in Games,Wii by Conner Flynn on January 29th, 2008

Rock Band Mic
It was only a short time ago that Harmonix had finally announced the release of standalone instruments for Rock Band. At the time there was no word of a standalone mic. As it turns out, it is already on sale. The packaging teases us with a single word. Wii.

No, that doesn’t simply mean yes in France. It means that Rockstar should be hitting the Wii sometime soon. This isn’t the best picture, but if you look in the top right corner of the package, you’ll note which systems it’s compatible with: Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. This is interesting because so far Harmonix has been strangely silent about a version of the game for Nintendo’s console.