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Honey can you move the fireplace?

Posted in Home by Chetz on October 16th, 2007

Max Blank wood burning fireplace swivelsGerman designer Max Blank has a 21st century heating appliance that also serves as the center of your living room. This is the company’s Berlin model wood-burnings fireplace, a stand-alone unit that can sit anywhere you like in your dwelling. The gray finish with glass base compliments the Panasonic line of televisions so they have that going for owners of Panasonic home theater equipment.

There’s room for four shelves for you to display your knick knacks. Emissions and smoke are carried up the center pipe so all you’re limited to is where your chimney is located in the room. But the really stand-out feature of the Berlin fireplace is that the glass base can swivel a full 360-degrees allowing you the opportunity to face the fire no matter where you are in the room. Don’t move toward the fire, this time the fire can move to face you. Now where’s our swiveling bathtub?