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Manodo Screen saves energy, has smiley faces

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on April 26th, 2008

Manodo Screen saves energy, has smiley facesThe Manodo display from Sweden will help you keep the earth green, while giving you information overload with facts on how much power consumption your home currently uses, as well as other uncomfortable facts, like the number of pounds of CO2 emissions from your recent hot bath. Yo Manodo, TMI.

The Manodo project is in its pilot stage right now in several Swedish cities, nagging apartment dwellers with a ton of information. It must be like living with your mother. The info ranges from how long before the next tram will pass by the nearest stop to upcoming weather. A green smiley face will appear each time power consumption reaches ‘green’ levels. So, think of it as a kind of game. Device nags you, and when you please the device, it smiles. It’s exactly like living with an overbearing mother.