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Man climbs wall like Spiderman, using vacuum gloves

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on July 26th, 2009

Jem Stansfield climbed to the top of the BBC White City building in west London. But here’s the thing: He wasn’t bit by a radioactive spider and his girlfriend isn’t named MJ. No, he managed the climb using some DIY vacuum gloves that were made out of a regular household vacuum cleaner.

Unlike Spidey, he was secured with a safety harness tied to his back, just in case. He built the gloves himself, in a stunt for a new BBC One science show called Bang Goes The Theory.

Cell Phone takes a bullet, saves New Orleans man

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on November 22nd, 2008

Cell Phone takes a bullet, saves New Orleans manMan with two first names and New Orleans resident, Ronald Richard was minding his own business, mowing the lawn when he felt a hard object hit him in the chest. In the exact spot where he had his Motorola RAZR. Richard later took off his sweater and discovered the .45-caliber slug. His phone had taken a bullet for him.

According to paramedics, the angle of the bullet and the cellphone made all the difference. Otherwise he would be dead or seriously injured. The interesting part is that Richard normally clips his cell phone to the hip pocket of his overalls. On that day he hooked it to the chest area of the overalls just over his heart. So, does he owe his life more to his overalls or his phone?

Handsome Man Bank for lonely Japanese women

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on July 6th, 2008

Handsome Man Bank for lonely Japanese women
Apparently all the good and handsome men are taken in Japan. I guess that’s why Japan’s women are finding romance with this virtual man called the “Handsome Man Bank”.

It comes in girl-friendly pink or white, with an LCD display that will show 5 handsome men. It costs about $50 and he’s a player alright. A real smooth guy with lines like “Can I kiss you?” or “May I rub your shoulders?” But at the end of the day he’s all talk, leaving some longing and needful Japanese women all hot and bothered. Should have come with another accessory for this phase I guess.

Automania chocolate tools for Valentine’s Day

Posted in Holiday by Conner Flynn on February 14th, 2008

Automania chocolate tools for Valentine’s Day
It’s easy to find a gift for your special lady friend on Valentine’s day. Usually the tried and true method of flowers, chocolates or diamonds will do. But what is a good gift that the gals can give us guys on Valentine’s day, that is manly yet shows love?

Tools are always good. And we like chocolate just as much as you girls. Why not combine the two? These chocolate tools are called Automania, and consist of bolts, nuts, screws, pliers and spanners. They are made of Belgian couverture chocolate. They are made by Japanese chocolatier, Frantz. The entire set will only cost you about $30. It might be a bit late to import this from Japan this year, but next year you’ll be ready.