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AGA raises 78-inch Reference 5LS loudspeaker

Posted in Speakers by Reuben Drake on July 10th, 2008

Anthny Gallo Acoustics Reference 5LS loudspeakerAnyone in the market for a high-end loudspeaker should take a moment to check out the latest release from Anthony Gallo Acoustics. The company has announced an upgrade to the Reference 3.1 loudspeaker with the Reference 5LS, measuring 78 inches tall but just 7 inches wide and 11 inches deep.

According to AGA, this loudspeaker, which has all speakers inline vertically, has come closer than any other of its kind to becoming omni-directional with a 300 degree dispersion. The vertical speaker arrays consist of seven of AGA’s CDT II tweeters alternating with eight 4″ carbon fiber mid-range drivers. The back side then holds a set of twelve 4″ subwoofers that equal the surface area of a single 15″ driver, but speedier due to the smaller size.