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Screenshots of BlackBerry Shield surface

Posted in BlackBerry by Conner Flynn on June 27th, 2010

Some screenshots of the upcoming BlackBerry Shield service have now surfaced. This service will function like Apple’s “Find My iPhone” feature for iPhones with MobileMe. Basically, BlackBerry Shield will allow users to track their lost or stolen phones using Google Maps.

It will also allow users to remotely wipe important information from the device using a web browser. Some other features include custom lost and found messages, remote password settings, and alarms to help you find the device when it’s in your immediate area.

Police investigating lost iPhone prototype raid Gizmodo editor’s home

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on April 26th, 2010

The saga of the lost fourth-gen iPhone prototype acquired by Gizmodo last week continues and it has just got even more dramatic. Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s house was raided by California’s REACT computer crimes task force, who had a search warrant on Friday night.

His computers and other items were seized and taken away by truck. The warrant was signed by a Judge of Superior Court of San Mateo. According to Gaby Darbyshire, COO of Gawker Media LLC, the search warrant to remove the computers was invalid under section 1524(g) of the California Penal Code.

Beer Pager helps you find your lost beer

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on August 26th, 2009

Beer Pager helps you find your lost beerLost beer is a serious problem. The longer it remains lost, the warmer it gets and the less drunk you are. Plus, the drunker you get, the easier it is to lose your beer. This here Beer Pager will let you know where your beer is at all times and will emit a belching sound from up to 60 feet away through walls.

The Beer Pager is available now for just under $20 and will stop beer loss in it’s tracks. Because as long as you have beer, everything is right with the world.

Lost robot crosses city by asking directions

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on May 14th, 2009

ACE is a robot that will find humans, ask for directions, even interpret the pointing gestures of silly humans to find its way. He even says thank you before going on his way. With ACE, German scientists have shown that robots lost in urban areas don’t need to rely on their own faculties to get from place to place.

This is the real world that the robot is roaming, not a controlled environment. After 5 hours and 38 interactions, ACE reached its destination. So it is actively gathering and using real world data to find it’s way. It doesn’t seem very efficient, but it’s a huge step. As they say, knowledge is power. I’d much rather have a robot that is able to adapt then a dumb machine following a route.

Elderly to get GPS so they won’t get lost in supermarkets

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on April 29th, 2009

Elderly to get GPS so they won't get lost in supermarketsIt’s one thing to get lost in a car, a town, a city. It’s something else entirely to get lost in a supermarket while driving a shopping cart. Apparently Grocery stores are more dangerous and confusing than any of us knew. Especially to the elderly. It’s a real concern. They get confused.

One minute you’re pushing your cart by the oatmeal, hitting a few stock boys with your cane, bitching about the government, talkin’ about the good old days when bread was 50 cents, when next thing you know you’re in the frozen food section with a pregnancy test in your 80 year old hand and a fresh fish sticking out of your purse. Wth?

Trace Me Luggage Tracker

Posted in Security by Conner Flynn on April 29th, 2008

Trace Me Luggage Tracker
If you’ve ever lost your luggage, you’ll like this idea. Surprisingly, the tags don’t use GPS or any electronic tracking system. Instead they feature a unique barcode and serial number that gets registered on the Immobilise database with your contact info.

So, if your luggage does get lost, an agent can scan the barcode or punch in the serial number which will give them with your contact info. Then a text message is sent to your mobile phone letting you know that your bag has been located and what to do. Pretty good idea, which should help avoid some headaches. You won’t have to put your info on the bag itself. The tags cost about $24 each, which is a one-time fee.

MSV “Lost” satellite phone is a beauty

Posted in Mobile Phones by Conner Flynn on April 4th, 2008

MSV “Lost” satellite phone is a beautyAnyone who watches Lost knows that the SAT phone used by the freighter people, looks like no other phone in existence. But new sat-phone company, MSV (Mobile Satellite Ventures) now has a prototype phone that looks a lot like the touch-screen SAT phone Naomi used to call for help when she landed on the island with the Oceanic 815 survivors. In fact it looks prettier.

The L-Series satellite phone will be available in 2010, complete with a new hybrid satellite/cellular system based on two satellites that MSV is launching in 2009. It go between cellular coverage when in range and satellite coverage when no cell service is available. The company plans to strike a deal with a US-based cellular carrier to sell satellite/cellular service under the carrier’s brand.


Smart Goggles identify, find lost items

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on March 14th, 2008

Smart Goggles
We’ve all been there. You misplace an item, but you know damn well you left it on a shelf. You can see it in your mind’s eye. It’s frustrating, but a new device from Japanese scientists looks like it can help.

The Smart Goggles use sophisticated object recognition software. With a mounted webcam, the Goggles will recognize specific objects and save a few seconds of footage. So, when you lose your car keys, the goggles will just bring up a video of the last time the object was seen. Sure, you wouldn’t want to wear it all the time. It’s not practical. However, for those suffering from memory loss or Alzheimers, this could be very helpful.

Robot rescues lost souls, searches for his own

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on January 28th, 2008

Robot helps the lost
If you’re easily lost in large malls, you’ll soon have a robot friend helping you out. Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR) based in Osaka has demonstrated a humanoid robot that recognizes people who seem lost and helps them on the spot. His name is Robovie, and he seems 50% creepy and 50% cute. I would want him to help me if I were lost, but I would also be wondering how he plans to disembowel me and take over the world with his machine friends. His Stormtrooper colors don’t help put me at ease, either.

His helpfulness was recently put on display at the Universal Citiwalk in Osaka. In an earmarked area measuring 100 square meters the robot scanned every passerby’s face. He had the help of 16 cameras, 6 laser range finders and 9 RFID tag readers installed in and around the area that acted like eyes and ears. He proceeded to watching 20 people at a time, and read their actions to group them in 10 different categories like waiting, wandering, running, etc.