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Livescribe Expands Pulse Smartpen Line for Holidays with 2GB, 4GB, and Pro-Pack Bundle

Posted in Pens by Shane McGlaun on October 19th, 2009

livescribe-sbLivescribe has added new products to its Pulse Smartpen portfolio for Holiday Gift Giving. The pen is now available in both 4GB and 2GB models with a new titanium color. The 4GB version can hold up to 400 hours of recorded audio and provides enough storage for apps for entertainment and education.

The 4GB model sells for $199.95 and the 2GB version sells for $169.95. Livescribe is also offering a Pro-Pack bundle that includes the 4GB pen in black, an A5 size notebook, premium leather holder, handwriting to text software, and the Pro Charging Cable for $249.95.

Livescribe smartpen gets pencast capability

Posted in Pens by Shane McGlaun on May 6th, 2009

livescribepulse-sbI know a few people who swear by the Livescribe smartpen. The device stores digital copies of handwritten notes and can record audio notes at the same time. I have never used the pen myself, but the problem for me I think would be that I have horrible handwriting. I would end up with printed notes I can’t read and digital notes I can’t read at the same time.

Livescribe has announced a new feature for its smartpen called Pencasts. The feature allows anyone using the smartpen to share notes digitally along with drawings, and conversations via websites, podcasts and even tweets.

New Pulse smartpen writes, records, dances a jig

Posted in Pens by Nino Marchetti on January 29th, 2008

Livescribe PulseA company by the name of Livescribe has unveiled what it is calling a “smartpen,” a computer within a pen. It is called the Pulse and it will be available this March.

The Pulse captures handwriting, according to Livescribe, while at the same time recording audio and synchronizing it with the writing. One can tap on the notes to play what was recorded while they were writing.