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Cook and Stack Kitchen Utensils

Posted in Kitchen Gadgets by Tam Yue on May 7th, 2014

Cook and Stack UtensilsYes, please. This is really amazing way to save space in those cluttered kitchen drawers. Yes, you can get some kind of random jar to hold your utensils, but that’s what all of the regular old normal people do.

These are not utensils that someone just glued a extremely familiar shaped brick onto the end of a spatula. Those bricks are actually a part of the utensil. The set comes with the grey base plate, a spatula, ladle and pasta strainer. You can purchase this set for 34.99 here, which we feel is a little bit spendy. But if you are the chef in the house, this may come in super handy and should be well worth the expense.

Ellen’s Oscar Selfie Goes Lego

Posted in Entertainment by Tam Yue on March 6th, 2014

Ellen-selfie Ellen Degeneres' selfieApparently, when Ellen DeGeneres asks us to do something we do it. As the whole world knows, Ellen took a selfie at the Oscars with some of the major movie stars in the audience. She asked everyone to retweet it so she could set a record. Which at 3,302,695 retweets on Twitter, we are sure a record was set.

Then we heard about this LEGO artist, Ochre Jelly (Iain Heath), who replicated the picture with LEGO’s. As you can see from the picture above it is not the ‘pre-made’ little LEGO dudes that you can buy and change up their hair. He actually created this one LEGO at a time. The time an effort that some people put into their hobbies is amazing.

Steampunk sequencer generates audio from Legos

Posted in lego by Conner Flynn on March 10th, 2010

Musician Yoshi Akai is an unorthodox musician. He dreams up ways to turn color into sound, and other unusual ways of producing music. Like this Lego Sequencer MR II, which uses three-dimensional Lego structures to emulate a three-channel, eight-step sequencer.

Each differently colored plastic brick produces a different sound and complex combinations (including tremolo and overdrive) are possible when the blocks are stacked. It works using resistors in every block, with parallel networks of resistors formed as the bricks pile up, equalling lower resistance, which means a higher frequency sound is generated.

3D scanner made from Legos

Posted in lego by Conner Flynn on March 23rd, 2009

3D scanner made from LegosWe’ve seen some awesome Lego creations, and this one is just as cool. Philo Hurbain built this 3D scanner because he was looking for a way to model complex Lego parts for use in the LDraw CAD program.

Even the drive components and sensors are made from Lego pieces, except for the probe needle, which is apparently a sewing needle. The “brains” of the device is the Mindstorms NXT. Below, you can watch the device in action as it models a Lego frog.

BBC’s Olinda radio is modular, like Legos

Posted in Radio by Conner Flynn on May 5th, 2008

BBC’s Olinda radio is modular, like Legos
Who says there are no new ideas? The BBC are certainly not lacking in imagination. They commissioned this neat idea that combines social networking with a digital radio, and the end result is Olinda. On one hand, it’s a normal digital radio, but when you remove the clear orange cap, a plug-in interface is exposed.

You can add modules onto the end of it, like building with Legos. This one has small buttons that each correspond to one of your friends. A button lights up when one of your friends is listening to the radio, so if you push that button, you’ll hear the same radio station that your friend is listening to. The creators hope to develop more modules, thereby expanding the uses of the device.