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Acer unveils Aspire Ethos laptops in the US and Canada

Posted in Acer by Conner Flynn on June 16th, 2011

Acer’s new Aspire Ethos 8951G and 5951G laptops were already available for £999 in the UK and now they can be had in North America. The AS8951G and AS5951G feature 18.4-inch and 15.6-inch HD displays and USB 3.0 ports, along with Core i5 and Core i7 Sandy Bridge silicon and GeForce GT 555M graphics.

They also pack in 5.1 channel surround sound. The AS5951G and AS8951G are $1,400 and $1,600, respectively. Prices start at $1,200 and $1,500 CAD in Canada.

Acer Aspire Ethos laptops with detachable touchpads

Posted in Acer by Reuben Drake on June 8th, 2011

Acer has announced two Aspire Ethos laptops for the multimedia enthusiast and they include detachable touchpads that can also act as remotes. The Aspire Ethos series laptops will be available later this month starting at £999, with two different sizes to choose from. There’s the standard 15.6in model and a 18.4in version.

The screens are Cinecrystal LED backlit units that are full HD 1920×1080 resolution on the 18.4in model and 1366×768 on the smaller 15.6in model. They come pre-loaded with Windows 7 64-bit versions of either Home Premium or Ultimate.

Acer announces new Aspire TimelineX Series laptops, starting at $599

Posted in Acer by Conner Flynn on June 6th, 2011

Acer has refreshed their Aspire TimelineX notebooks with a redesign and Sandy Bridge processors too. The 13.1-inch 3830T, 14-inch 4830T, and 15.6-inch 5830T all sport a two-tone aluminum design, USB 3.0, a choice of Core i3 and Core i5 CPUs, and Acer’s clear.fi software for sharing media among DLNA devices.

The 14- and 15.6-inch versions feature onboard optical drives and number pads, and on some models, you can choose a discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT520M or GT540M card. The screen resolution is 1366 x 768 on all of these. The 3830T, 4830T, and 5830T are available now, starting at $799, $699, and $599.

Fujitsu H910 and H710 Workstation Laptops

Posted in Fujitsu by Conner Flynn on May 23rd, 2011

Fujitsu has announced a pair of new workstation laptops for running intensive apps like CAD/CAM offerings. Fujitsu says that these machines offer power that was previously only available in desktop workstations. These new laptops are called the Celsius H910 and the Celsius H710.

The H910 packs in a 17.3-inch screen and new Core i5 or i7 processors from Intel. It also has options for NVIDIA Quadro 4000M or 3000M graphics and up to 32GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G. No word on storage options or price yet however.

MSI unveils Core i3-based CX640, CR640 laptops

Posted in MSI by Conner Flynn on April 18th, 2011

MSI has now announced its new 15.6-inch CX640 and CR640 laptops, featuring a “clutter free design,” and they are priced to be budget-friendly. Both laptops feature an Intel Core i3-2310M processor, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive as well as a pair of USB 3.0 ports.

The silver CX640 has NVIDIA’s GeForce GT 520M with Optimus technology, while the black CR640 model has basic integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics. The CR640 or CX640 will cost you $630 and $680, respectively and look like they will be good mid-range laptops.

HP EliteBook 8460w, 8560w and 8760w business laptops

Posted in HP by Conner Flynn on April 13th, 2011

HP has announced three new business laptops: the 14-inch EliteBook 8460w, 15.6-inch 8560w and the 17.3-inch 8760w. That last one looks like it is the high end model as it comes with your choice of Sandy Bridge processors up to a Core i7-2920XM, AMD FirePro or NVIDIA Quadro graphics with up to 4GB of memory, and up to three hard drives with RAID 5 support.

With the other two EliteBooks, you can still get up to a Core i7-2820QM, but there’s no option for integrated graphics. All three will be available next month. Prices start at $1,299, $1,349 and $1,899.

Samsung is not installing keylogger software on laptops

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on March 31st, 2011

Yesterday we reported that someone had found some keylogger software on some new Samsung laptops. We knew it didn’t make sense for a popular brand to take that kind of risk and as it turns out, it was all a misunderstanding.

The confusion apparently comes from the fact that the VIPRE security software mistakenly identified Microsoft’s Slovene language folder (“SL”) as Starlogger. Samsung managed to recreate it from an empty c:\windows\SL folder, Bottom line is that Samsung laptops are safe.


Samsung shipping laptops with keylogger installed?

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on March 30th, 2011

Samsung is a pretty popular laptop brand right now, but their reputation may be about to suffer due to claims that it is shipping brand new laptops with an active keylogger installed. According to a post on Networkworld by Mohamed Hassan, the StarLogger keylogger was found preinstalled and active on not just one, but two brand new Samsung laptops.

Would any company be stupid enough to do this and risk a serious PR backlash? According to Hassan, the first was found when he installed security software on his new laptop. That laptop was later returned because of a video driver issue, but the replacement Samsung that he purchased also had the same keylogger on it. One thing that seems suspect is this. Why wouldn’t he have returned the first right away after he found the keylogger? He wasn’t mad enough?

Dell Inspiron R laptops now available

Posted in Dell by Conner Flynn on March 18th, 2011

Dell has announced the availability of their updated Inspiron R laptops. These Inspiron R laptops get a processor upgrade and now run on Intel’s 2nd generation Core i CPUs. These processors deliver enhanced performance and improved battery life compared to the previous generation of Inspiron R laptops.

One of the most interesting things about the Inspiron R is that they have interchangeable lids, called SWITCH by Design Studio. There are 23 different versions of laptop lids to choose from. There should be something to suit your mood or personality. Prices start at $529.99.

Acer announces Aspire 5750, 5750G, and 7750G laptops

Posted in Acer by Conner Flynn on January 5th, 2011

Acer has announced several new laptops, including the new Aspire 5750, 5750G and 7750G. The trio all feature Intel’s 2nd gen Core i7 2630QM CPUs. The Aspire 5750 and 7750 have up to 6GB of memory, while the 5750 is upgradeable to 8GB using two 4GB modules. The 7750G has a hard drive capacity of up to 750GB, while the 5750 has up to a 640GB HDD.

The 5750G comes with NVIDIA’s new GeForece GT 540M graphics, while the 7750G comes with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6550 or 6650 graphics standard. All three models also boast LED, backlit displays, with the Aspire 5750 and 5750G measuring 15.6-inches, while the 7750G is a 17.3-incher with a resolution of 1600 x 900.

Toshiba launches Satellite M645, A665, A665 3D Edition laptops

Posted in Toshiba by Conner Flynn on January 5th, 2011

Toshiba has just launched several new laptops featuring Intel’s new processors. There’s the 15.6-inch Satellite A665 which has several processor options including the Core i7-2630QM and AMD Phenom II Dual and Quad Cores. Then there’s the 14-inch Satellite M645 that features the Intel Core i5-2410M as standard. Both have multiple graphics options up to NVIDIA GeForce or GT 525M with Optimus, up to 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM, and up to 640GB hard drives.

How about a Satellite A665 3D Edition which features a full HD, 3D-ready display and comes with NVIDIA’s active shutter 3D glasses and #D Vision IR emitter? Right now we don’t have any specific info on availability, but they will arrive in the first half of the year.


ASUS to release five Sandy Bridge laptops

Posted in ASUS by Conner Flynn on December 28th, 2010

ASUS is ready to release five new laptops using Intel’s latest. The first is a gaming rig, the G73SW. It has an Intel Core i7-2630QM processor, 8GB of DDR3, Geforce GTX 460M graphics, USB 3.0, dual storage bays, and a 17.3-inch LCD with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It should start around $2,500.

Then there are the four less gamer-oriented models in the N53SV and N73SV series. All feature the same 2GHz processor and all have the new GeForce GT 540M processor and either a 15.6-inch, 1366 x 768 display or the larger 17.3-inch, 1080p display depending on the model.

Sony VAIO Holiday Signature Collection Laptops bring on the style

Posted in Notebooks by Conner Flynn on November 14th, 2010

Very few laptops pack in the style like these. Sony is offering a few new options in the company’s VAIO lineup. The Holiday Signature Collection includes a few models, including a pink crocodile embossed VAIO P, the return of the gold and black Arabesque design on the VAIO EA, a VAIO Z with infinite stripes, a Bordeaux Red and Glossy Premium Carbon Edition.

There’s also a VAIO Y in Sangria Red, a VAIO X in gold or black, and a gold VAIO J all-in-one desktop. You certainly have choices.

Toshiba Satellite T200 Series Laptops

Posted in Toshiba by Conner Flynn on June 15th, 2010

Toshiba has announced its new line of T200 series thin and light laptops with low-power processors and an affordable price. The two new laptops are the 13.3-inch Satellite T235 and the 11.6-inch Satellite T215. Both laptops feature Toshiba’s Fusion Chrome finish, with a patterned design on the outside.

They are available in red, white and black and are just an inch thin, and under four pounds. Prices start at $469.99.

NEC’s LaVie S laptops are ready for the ladies

Posted in NEC by Conner Flynn on April 19th, 2010

NEC is readying their LaVie S notebooks, which are strong enough for a man but made for a woman. They reportedly come with a Core i5 CPU option. The ‘S’ stands for ‘Slim’ since they are just 35mm thin and weigh in at 2.4kg.

Three models will be launched. The LS150, the LS350, and the LS550: priced at 1,15,000 yen($1250), 1,31,500 yen ($1430) and 1,50,000 yen ($1,631). The LS550/AS6 comes with the Core i5-430M (2.26GHz, built-in video circuitry), an HM55 Express Chipset, 4GB Memory, a 500GB HDD, DVD writer, and a 15.6–inch LED backlit, low-reflection LCD.