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Alien tables by Pro Mech

Posted in Furniture by Conner Flynn on September 8th, 2008

Alien tables by Pro MechThis is the creepy sequel to our original article on Aliens furniture. When we first told you about this weird taxiderm from Ripley’s dreams, the pieces didn’t look so polished and it would appear that a different person or persons are making these.

It doesn’t make them any less creepy and most wives would kill you for decorating with something that looks so evil at night. Each piece is hand crafted from used car and bike parts, tools and other recycled metal objects, so each one is unique. The coffee table stands 32 inches high and is 27.5 inches in diameter and costs about $500. One can only hope that these creative people set their sights on making Terminators soon as well. That way the aliens will have something to fight.

Mail Chime lets you know when you have mail

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on May 21st, 2008

Mail Chime lets you know when you have mail
What we have here is basically a doorbell for your mailbox. It’s a transmitter and receiver combination with a 300 foot range. When mail is deposited into your box, an alarm will sound and you’ll see a red LED light until the mail is retrieved.

This sounds absolutely ridiculous right, because you probably need the exercise of checking the mail more often anyway. But for some people, especially those in apartments, checking the mail may involve leaving the apartment and going all the way down a flight of stairs or more, only to find there’s no mail. That’s the sort of situation this comes in handy for. It’s only $49.95.