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Michelin Smart Jumper Cables

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on April 7th, 2010

Connecting jumper cables from one car to the other is pretty easy already, but Michelin is making it even easier. The Michelin Smart Jumper Cables are all blue. That’s because you no longer need them to be color coded even.

The circuitry inside knows exactly what is going on and can detect whether a successful complete circuit is achieved or not, and it will let you know via the LED. When a second battery is connected, it will determine the polarity automatically and switch to accomodate. No more worrying about shocks or sparks. Pretty neat.

LED Jumper Cables from the future

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on September 20th, 2009

LED Jumper Cables from the futureMost of us have had trouble with a dead battery in our car. It usually happens at the worst possible times. It might be dark or snowing, or raining, or all of the above. Well with these jumper cables, the dark won’t be a problem.

That’s because they have LED lights built in. It’s such a simple solution, we wonder why we haven’t seen more like this. And since every clamp has a light built into it, you won’t have any problems matching the positive and negative. The lights kick on whenever you squeeze the clamps open.

Porta Jump will jump start your car

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on March 22nd, 2008

Porta Jump will jump start your car
Let’s say you drive around in an old heap and your battery dies. You need a jump, but you don’t have jumper cables and no one wants to help. With the Porta Jump, you won’t need any help at all. It doesn’t require jumper cables or helpful strangers.

Just plug it in your cigarette lighter and wait for the green light to turn on. It’s that easy. Done. You are back in the business of driving around in a heap. As an added bonus, it will recharge while you are driving. This is a good $20 spent. Ideal for damsels in distress as it’s much safer then asking a stranger for help and possibly running into a nutjob.