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Update for Mini Jambox Speakers

Posted in Digital Audio by Tam Yue on May 13th, 2014

Mini Jambox SpeakersJawbone’s mini Jambox speakers now have a free new firmware update available online, offering you a gift that keeps on giving.  The new update will allow you to wirelessly connect two speakers together to double up the sound.

All that’s required of you, other than owning a mini Jambox speaker, is to plug in your speaker via USB to your compupter and go to Jawbone.com to install the update. Activating the new feature is as simple as pressing the three buttons on top of the speaker in unison and it will connect to another Jambox within range.

Once connected you can switch from unison mode to stereo mode, which will give you the distinct right and left speaker surround sound experience. The Mini Jambox was originally released in September, and can stream the music from the cloud or your phone …