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Paint like Jackson Pollock with a Wiimote

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on December 18th, 2008

Paint like Jackson Pollock with a WiimoteEver wish you could paint like Jackson Pollock after he’d had a few too many beers? Now you can, and you won’t need to drip and splatter with a paintbrush. You can use your Wiimote instead, thanks to the DraWiing Jackson Pollock project.

It uses an IR detector, a projector on the floor and a Wiimote to recreate the drip-and-splatter artwork of the famous hard-drinking abstract painter. It looks pretty fun. ITP students Si Heun Cho and Ruxy Staicut created the set-up. It takes IR and accelerometer data from a wiimote to plot a point in relation to your canvas on the floor, projecting a nice paint splatter trail. Just like Pollock.