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iPSP – iPhone Look For Your PSP

Posted in Hacks,PSP by Darrin Olson on July 8th, 2007

iPSP is a software for your Sony PSP to make it look like the iPhone interfaceAny of you that own a Sony PSP and don’t own an iPhone can still manage to get a little of the iPhone juice on you, even if it’s not the real deal. iPSP is some software you can download and transfer onto your Memory Stick and then use on your PSP. It provides a menu system that looks very similar to the iPhones, and is actually functional providing access to things like email, photos, IM’s and other apps.

It doesn’t look quite as nice as the real iPhone, and of course there’s no fancy touch screen, but it does look pretty cool to try out before someone takes it down. Also, instead of the iPhone switching from portrait to landscape when you rotate it, the directions instruct you in just the opposite …