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New iHome alarm clock rotates as iPod touch display does

Posted in iPod Accessories by Nino Marchetti on August 9th, 2008

iHome iH41

Who says alarm clocks need be ordinary? That is the thought behind the new iHome iH41, a rotating alarm clock with iPod touch dock priced at around $80.

The iHome iH41 comes in an L-shape design and is built to take advantage of the variable aspect screen of the iPod touch. It can switch orientation so one can watch videos in either horizontal or vertical displays. The digital clock display also rotates to match the orientation of the iH41.

New Mint 220 iPod speakers do wireless double duty

Posted in Speakers by Nino Marchetti on July 16th, 2008

Digital Signature Mint 220

A company calling itself Digital Signature has unveiled its latest wireless audio/integrated iPod audio device. The Digital Signature Mint 220 prices around $180.

The Digital Signature Mint 220 makes use of TI’s PurePath Digital audio technology and its own proprietary 2.4GHz USB wireless transmitter to let you listen up to 45 feet away. There’s also a built-in iPod dock/charger and a universial line in for connecting other audio devices.

Creative TravelSound portable speaker, now for the iPod nano

Posted in Speakers by Darrin Olson on May 23rd, 2008

Creative Travelsound portable speaker for the iPod nanoCreative has launched a new addition to it’s line of portable speakers with the TravelSound for the iPod nano. This one-piece speaker attaches to the docking port of Apple’s nano and pumps out the sound to share with others. This new TravelSound speaker appears very similar to the TravelSound i50 that we saw last fall for the iPod nano, and the design is no doubt inspired by it.

The new TravelSound portable speaker is relatively small and lets the 3rd generation nano fit right into the design giving it an overall thickness of less than an inch with 3.9 inches in total height. It also comes with a little plastic stand, and if you can keep from losing it since it’s not attached, will provide a safer rest for the speaker with your iPod in it.

Icebar waterproof iPod nano case and speakers combo

Posted in Speakers by Darrin Olson on May 23rd, 2008

Icebar V2 Waterproof iPod Nano dock and speakersWe’ve seen a number of waterproof solutions that allow you to take your iPod safely on the beach or in the shower but the Icebar V2 combination case may be the best one we’ve seen yet (and the most expensive). The case provides a waterproof housing for you iPod nano and built-in waterproof speakers for places where it’s inconvenient to use headphones.

The case does have a port for headphones if you’d rather keep your tunes personal, and also has a click-wheel membrane to give complete control of the iPod through the case. The body is made of a shatter-proof polycarbonate which allows you to easily see the iPod display, but just be case the case is shatterproof doesn’t mean the iPod you put inside is.

iLive launching iPod speaker bar under $100

Posted in Speakers by Darrin Olson on January 28th, 2008

iLive iT188B iPod speaker bar dockiLive has a new iPod speaker bar on deck for this spring with an expected price tag of just under $100. From the photo the iLive iT188B model looks to be iPhone/Touch friendly along with iPods and features a motorized dock with remote control.

The speaker bar appears to be an upgrade to iLive’s IHT3817DT speaker bar has dual subwoofers that are built-in, unlike many other docks which provide the subwoofer in a separate box. Aside from the iPod dock inputs include auxiliary input, dual A/V jacks, and video out. The system even houses an AM/FM radio and a clock.

cy-fi wireless iPod bike speakers

Posted in Exercise Gadgets,iPod Accessories,Outdoors,Speakers by Reuben Drake on September 26th, 2007

cy-fi iPod dock and speakers for your bikeWhile we’re pretty sure we’ve seen bicycle speakers before, including ones for the iPod, cy-fi is a new product designed to dock your iPod and the first we’ve seen to provide wireless speakers mounted on your bike to “ride louder” according to the company.

The idea comes from bike riders who wear headphones to listen to music and are unable to adequately hear traffic around them. The cy-fi system lets them bring their music along in a compact package without the ambient sound restrictions by most headphones.

Macally TunePro

Posted in iPod Accessories,Speakers by Nino Marchetti on August 8th, 2007

Macally TuneProThe dawn of a new day brings us yet another iPod speaker system. This time around the folks at Macally, a computer accessory company, are unveiling the TunePro flat panel speaker system for around $130.

The Macally TunePro makes use of NXT flat panel loudspeaker and SRS WOW technologies to create what it says is a full, rich sound with a small footprint for iPod owners. It has a nice looking design which charges an iPod while letting one enjoy it at the same time. Integrated into the TunePro is a digital clock with alarm features.


Blue Raven Maestro 1070

Posted in Blue Raven,iPod Accessories,Speakers by Nino Marchetti on August 6th, 2007

Blue Raven Maestro 1070Blue Raven Technology, one of the horde of smaller consumer electronics companies which once in awhile surfaces with a new product, apparently recently unveiled a new iPod speaker system. The Blue Raven Maestro 1070 is priced at around $200 and available now.

The Blue Raven Maestro 1070 has a sleek look to it, being reminiscent of the Apple iPod HiFi. It comes with a 12-button remote control which lets you control music and we assume select iPod features from a distance. There’s also an auxiliary cable for using this system with other audio devices as well as a video out port so you can watch your iPod video content on a television or monitor.

iPod Shuffle Speakers

Posted in iPod Accessories,Shuffle,Speakers by Reuben Drake on July 5th, 2007

iPod Shuffle SpeakersHere’s a nice little set of speakers custom made for the iPod Shuffle. They come in five exact-match colors that the Shuffle comes in and provide a measly .5W output from each, but do allow you to share the music.

These little portable speakers are from a Japanese company called Corega and are custom made to fit the Shuffle connecting through the headphone/data transfer jack. When docked, you can connect to a computer with a USB cable which will also charge the shuffle. The speakers themselves can be powered through the USB connection or through two AAA batteries to make this mini sound system truly portable.

Corega is planning on launching the Shuffle speakers later this month with a sticker price of about $30.

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