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Zagg adds invisibleShields for new iPods

Posted in iPod Cases by Nino Marchetti on September 24th, 2008

Zagg invisibleShield

The company Zagg is pretty well known for invisibleShield, its tough film protective layer which covers portable electronics. It is introducing some new layers this week targeted at the newly released iPod nano, touch and classic.

Zagg’s invisibleShield, according to the company, “is made from a patented adhesive film exclusive to the company.” It is said to have been “originally utilized by the U.S. military to protect helicopter blades from wind, sand and the wear and tear of high-speed travel.” It is 0.2mm thick and custom cut to match specifics of each iPod model.

New iSkin armband protector targets active nano 3G users

Posted in iPod Cases by Nino Marchetti on July 29th, 2008

iSkin DuoBand for iPod nano 3G

iSkin, a maker of protective gear for your iPods and iPhones, recently debuted a case and armstrap for iPod nano 3G owners who like to their players for a jog or to workout at a gym. It is called the iSkin DuoBand for iPod nano 3G and you’ll find it pricing around $40.

The iSkin DuoBand for iPod nano 3G includes a soft silicone layer with another harder layer set in a metallic finish. These two layers reportedly work together to protect your nano from most forms of damage, though we imagine it won’t do much if you drop a weight on it.

GizMac brings to market new iPod nano cases

Posted in iPod Accessories,iPod Cases by Nino Marchetti on January 29th, 2008

GizMac AluminateGizMac Accessories, a maker of add ons for iPods and iPhones, recently unveiled some new third generation iPod nano cases. These are called the GizMac Aluminate and GizMac DuraSport. Pricing is set at around $30 for both.

The GizMac Aluminate protects the nano in a mixed shell of aluminum. Built-in screen and click wheel protectors also exist. Accessories which come with the Aluminate include a lanyard and a carabiner clip.

Griffin Reflect Case for the New iPod Nano

Posted in Griffin,iPod Accessories by Darrin Olson on September 9th, 2007

Griffin Reflect new iPod Nano case has mirrored chrome finishGriffin is Johnny-on-the-spot with advertising its new cases for latest version of Apple’s iPods, with one of the coolest looking ones being a reflective case for the 3rd generation iPod Nano.

This case fits the new, fatter-style video nano and features a mirrored chrome-finish on the front. When the iPod is turned off it appears that the case has no window for the display with a seamless reflective face. When the iPod nano is powered on the display shines clearly through. The back of the Reflect case is a rubberized matte black to give it some grip and keep it from sliding around.

Of course this cool, reflective case from Griffin isn’t quite available yet but promises to start shipping in in October with the entire new line of cases retailing between $20 and $35.

Griffin Reflect iPod nano

FLACTRON Re-nano titanium case

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Reuben Drake on June 5th, 2007

FLACTRON Re-nano ipod case made of titaniumYou might think a case made of titanium for your iPod nano seems silly until it takes a bullet for you in your next gun fight, and I’m sure that’s what the makers of the FLACTRON Re-nano were thinking, too.

This case fits your iPod nano snugly and safely protecting it from any harm due to dropping, throwing, stomping or medium sized explosions. The controls are still exposed along with the screen and ports so normal operation is possible, and pretty much negates the protection features, but it looks so clean and shiny.

This titanium nano case runs about $818 according to Engadget, but hey, you can’t put a price your safety. If this one seems too pricey you can maybe try to get a replica of this bullet proof iPod case.