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Imation SSD Upgrade Kit makes your old drive useful again

Posted in SSD by Shane McGlaun on November 20th, 2009

imationssdupgradeThe price of SSDs keeps coming down and as they get cheaper, they are getting more and more attractive to me. I would like to put one in my work computer to speed things up. The things that I worry about when upgrading a HDD is getting data off the old drive and onto the new one and then what to do with the old HDD after the SSD update is complete.

Imation has unveiled a new SSD Upgrade Kit today that includes an external enclosure for your old drive so you can use it as an external storage device after the upgrade. The enclosure requires no power supply, which means it can be powered by USB.

Imation unveils Pro WX, world’s first wireless USB external HDD

Posted in Storage by Shane McGlaun on November 20th, 2009

imationprowxThe economy and slow adoption haven’t been kind to many companies in the wireless USB market. These facts have forced many of the largest out of the market altogether. Long after we first heard of wireless USB, we are finally getting the first HDD to use the tech called the Imation Pro WX.

The drive uses wireless USB connectivity with a 30-foot range. The computer the drive connects to has to use an included dongle for connectivity. Imation claims the wireless connectivity is good for data transfer speeds up to 15MB/sec.

Imation announces new SSDs and SSD upgrade kits

Posted in SSD by Shane McGlaun on April 30th, 2009

imationssdkit-sbI am still not ready to start looking at upgrading any of my notebook or desktop computer to SSDs. At this point, the SSD is still too expensive for the slight benefit a consumer will get from the SSD upgrade. I will hold out until prices drop significantly for SSDs and capacities are more in line with what you can get on a traditional HDD.

Those who want to upgrade to an SSD for their notebook or desktop now can get new SSDs and upgrade kits from Imation. The company has announced that it is shipping its S-class and M-class SSDs along with all-in-one upgrade kits.

Imation drives USB flash drive form factor smaller

Posted in USB Flash Drives by Nino Marchetti on June 25th, 2008

Imation Atom Flash Drive

Ahh, USB flash drives, how small can you go? Imation is jumping into the tiny is better USB drive category with its new Imation Atom Flash Drive, priced between around $18 to $100, depending upon storage capacity.

The Imation Atom Flash Drive is tiny, measuring less that 1.5-inches long and .5-inches wide. Weight is around less than an ounce. Storage options on this small drive include 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB.

Imation offers up new portable hard drive

Posted in External Hard Drives by Nino Marchetti on June 10th, 2008

Imation AppleImation announced today a new line of external hard drives which feature nice looks and decent storage capacities. The line is the new Apollo and the first model is a 2.5-inch hard drive for mobile users called the Portable Hard Drive.

The Imation Apollo Portable Hard Drive, priced at around $150 to $223, is available in storage capacities up to 320GB. This particular drive is a little over half an inch wide and weighs just 0.35 pounds.

Imation jumps into the SSD business

Posted in Storage by Shane McGlaun on March 11th, 2008

Imation SSDMost geeks can understand the allure of a SSD drive with much faster data access, read and write speeds. What most geeks can’t get behind is the huge price premium you pay for the SSD when compared to a traditional hard drive and the amount of storage space you give up.

Today a typical hard drives in a computer are at least 80GB, even in tiny ultra portable systems. If you opt for a SSD you typically get 32MB, though some larger SSD drives are available like the 832 GB BiTMICRO SSD from CES 2008.

CES 2008

Imation gets security down with Pivot drives

Posted in CES 2008,Imation,USB Flash Drives by Nino Marchetti on January 10th, 2008

Imation PivotImation has being showing around at CES its updated line of secure, rugged Pivot Flash Drives. Two models make up this family – the Pivot and Pivot Plus – and they range in price around $70 to $250.

The Imation Pivot drives come in storage sizes ranging from 1GB to 8GB. The more basic model is described by Imation as having “an enhanced design and security features,” meaning it offers up encryption software and a tamper resistant design. It’s also enhanced for Windows Vista ReadyBoost.