деньги в займ на карту

Android 4.0 nicknamed Ice Cream

Posted in Android by Conner Flynn on October 17th, 2010

Android 3.0 has yet to be announced, but even so ARM president Tudor Brown revealed the very earliest detail of 4.0 in a talk published late Friday. Keeping with the usual dessert inspired names, the future OS would be codenamed Ice Cream and would follow after 3.0, Gingerbread, as well as an interim release known as Honeycomb.

The mobile OS’ creator has refused to comment beyond acknowledging Gingerbread and Honeycomb and none of Ice Cream’s features have been unveiled so far.

icePod: The iPod made delicious

Posted in Humor by Conner Flynn on March 3rd, 2009

icePod: The iPod made deliciousicePod holds a ton of GBs of delicious chocolate and ice cream. All DRM free in a user friendly design. Unlike other competitors, it isn’t insanely overpriced with low storage space costing you a bundle. And unlike other competitors icePod will not release an updated product every year with slightly more storage, just so it can scam you into paying out more money for a popular and trendy brand.

Most importantly, it melts in your mouth. USB compatible? You bet. Just slam that connector in and you’ll know it’s getting too much juice when it starts melting.

Ice Cream scoops become cylinders

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on June 18th, 2008

Ice Cream scoops become cylinders
It’s that time of year again. Summer heat requires ice cream. Whether you like one scoop or two or even 5, the $14.95 Cuisipro Ice Cream Scoop & Stack is the perfect way to build tall stacks on that cone. That’s because they’ve replaced the round scoop with a cylinder shape.

This allows for higher stacking of scoops and greater stability. Just push the thing into the ice cream, twist and lift out a cylinder of sweet and cool ice cream, then push the button to release. It’s a beautiful thing.

Fizz Cup: ice cream floats on the go

Posted in Kitchen by Conner Flynn on May 16th, 2008

Fizz Cup: ice cream floats on the go
Summer is right around the corner and I know many people enjoy ice cream floats during the hot season. But what if you need one right now and you are nowhere near an ice cream shop or soda jerk? That’s where the Fizz Cup comes in handy.

It’s a cup that you screw onto the top of your soda bottle and fill with ice cream. And you’re done! Instant ice cream float! This right here is what the future is all about. Making tasty treats easier to consume. You can have your fancy phones and your MP3s, but this will keep you cool and quench your thirst. Ice cream float portability is a beautiful thing.