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R2D2 ice bucket with Han in Carbonite ice cubes

Posted in Star Wars by Conner Flynn on May 13th, 2008

R2D2 ice bucket with Han in Carbonite ice
Our favorite little Star Wars droid is like Rodney Dangerfield. He gets no respect. They make laundry baskets in his likeness, even soy sauce bottles. When will they give the droid some proper respect? Not today. Here is the latest R2 item. An ice bucket with Han Solo in Carbonite ice cubes. They managed to diss Han with this one as well.

Great for a geek BBQ. R2 can serve up the ice and Han can keep your drink cool. This will make you the head geek at any event. It’s available for pre-order for about $33. It may even distract Jabba enough so you can rescue the real Han in Carbonite.