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Recycled Apple iBook G4 Clock

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on February 7th, 2010

We’ve seen plenty of clocks made from recycled computer parts, but this one is definitely one of the neatest. The Recycled Apple iBook G4 Clock is made from a recycled iBook G4 case, and uses an Apple mouse for the clock pendulum.

The whole thing measures 14 inches wide by 18 inches in height and even features a quartz clock movement, and pendulum movement. It runs on 2 AA batteries. You can’t really call yourself a geek unless you have something like this in your apartment.

Clamshell ibook greeting cards

Posted in Mac by Conner Flynn on June 4th, 2009

Clamshell ibook greeting cardsRemember the old clamshell Apple iBook laptops? Well, here they are in greeting card form. For when you care enough to send the geekiest card ever. Hallmark really missed an opportunity here, as these aren’t from Hallmark. They are handmade by Etsy paper artist Cadiz Cards.

The iCard comes in sets of three, including classic blueberry, indigo and key lime iBooks. Each has a tiny screen that comes blank for you to fill in your own greeting, and a miniature keyboard. Custom colors are also available if you want something different. A set will cost you $12 bucks.