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Woman buried with cell nags husband via texting

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on April 4th, 2008

Woman buried with cell nags husband Via texting
Sadie Jones died five years ago and was buried with her most her cell phone. Her widower, Frank Jones, claims to be receiving text messages from beyond the grave. Shortly after his wife’s death, Frank claims he missed a call on his mobile, which didn’t even ring.

He claims the call was from his own home number, but there was nobody in the house. But when he entered the house, it smelled like cigarettes and her perfume. Frank also claims that his late wife has been sending them all SMSes from beyond the grave with words that Sadie would say, but no number. Isn’t that just like a wife? She nags you through life, nags you from the grave and just like when she was living, what the hell can you really do about it but try to block it out?