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Gold Nintendo cartridge on eBay for $15,000

Posted in Nintendo by Conner Flynn on February 15th, 2008

Gold Nintendo cartridge on eBay up to $15,000
I’m not sure if Donald Trump is into video games or not, but if he is, somebody should alert him to the fact that the Holy Grail of gaming is on eBay right now at a reasonable(For him) $15,000. If he is into gaming, his toupee will do a backflip. It’s the Nintendo World Championships 1990 Gold Cartridge. It will likely go higher before it ends on Feb. 20th.

The story goes that only 26 of these gold items were made, and just 12 are believed to still exist. Apparently, the 1990 Nintendo World Championships were inspired by the 1989 movie The Wizard (Joy Stick Heroes). Get your bid in before the gaming gold rush starts. Note: This is also a must if you are a James Bond villain who named Goldfinger. But you would have to outbid Trump, which would make him your new arch enemy.