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Best Buy focusing on tablets this holiday season

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on August 22nd, 2010

If you happen to be at a Best Buy today, you’ll find just one tablet for sale: Apple’s iPad. But when this holiday season comes around, that will all change. According to Shawn Score, president of Best Buy Mobile, the company will be focusing on tablets during this years holidays.

He says that “Like e-readers over the last couple years, we think customers will think of Best Buy for tablets and expect us to have the right ones.” He didn’t confirm any models or brands, but we pretty much know which tablets to look out for.

Prank Pack fake gift boxes for the holidays

Posted in Humor by Conner Flynn on December 7th, 2009

Prank Pack fake gift boxes for the holidaysCheck out these “Prank Pack” fake gift boxes. Great way to pull a prank on those you love this holiday season. Just be careful, they might get mad enough to throw punches. I know I would be pretty pissed off if I thought I was getting some sweet coffee mugs with built-in walkie talkies, only to open the box to find socks or some other crappy gift. So be warned, anybody who pulls this with me is in for a world of hurt. You don’t mess around with a man’s hopes and dreams.

Also available are: Beer Beard: Sneak beverages into sporting events under a fake beard, Birdie Belt: GPS rangefinder, belt, and buckle with integrated tools and tee storage, Noggin’ Net: Hat that doubles as a fishing net, Motorized Rolling Pin: 1/16-horsepower motorized rolling pin and the Wake & Bake Griddle: Combination alarm clock and breakfast griddle.

Noel Cases dress up your iPhone for the holidays

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on November 16th, 2008

Noel Cases dress up your iPhone for the holidaysMaybe you want to dress your iPhone like celebrities dress their tiny dogs, so you can look all snazzy at the Christmas office party. Or maybe you have been looking for an excuse to hang your iPhone on the tree. Well my friends, for $30 you can dress your iPhone like a Christmas hooker with these cases from More.

At last your iPhone can look like a 3G street walker and hang out with all of your treasured ornaments. It’s almost like your iPhone was chewing gum loudly and smoking a cigarette, while flipping some dude the bird and simultaneously adjusting a wedgie inside it’s shiny pants. The mirrored screen protector and form-fitting plastic casing should protect it adequately from falls when your cat shakes the tree.

CEA study says that electronics still top adult holiday wish lists

Posted in CEA by Shane McGlaun on October 21st, 2008

Consumer Electronics AssociationThe people from CEA are the group behind the geek fantasia that is CES. CEA is into more than putting together one of the greatest displays of geek debauchery on the planet, it also does things like predict holiday electronics sales.

You might expect this holiday season to be slow with the sluggish economy around the world. According to the CEA, despite the economy shipments for Q4 2008 are expected to grow by 3.5% compared to Q4 2007 shipments.