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HTX Helmet lets you feel headshots, makes you stupid

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on December 8th, 2008

HTX Helmet lets you feel headshots, makes you stupidAre video games just not real enough for you? Do you wish that you could feel those headshots actually hit your head? The TN Games HTX Helmet will let you feel those kicks/bullets to the head, batting your head this way and that when it gets shot. You’ll also feel the bullets whizzing all around you. Chances are good that at some point, after one too many hits, you’ll be a drooling vegetable wearing a nerd helmet, but hey it was fun.

Feeling bullets hit my head isn’t my idea of fun, but I guess I’m just not that hardcore about it. It’s all about the thinning of the herd I guess. Natural selection and all that. I guess after they invent a jockstrap that simulates a good kick to the balls, I’ll be nearly all alone in this world, since the buyers of these things won’t be reproducing. But what do I know?