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Harpejji: The Guitar & the Piano got it on

Posted in Musical Instruments by Conner Flynn on April 17th, 2008

Harpejji: The guitar & the Piano got it on
This right here is the result of a piano and a guitar finding themselves drunk in each other’s arms and later doing the nasty. You play it by tapping the 24 strings on the 24 frets. It’s actually the brainchild of math professor Jorn Starret who invented the thing as the StarrBoard.

Now it’s being produced by Marcodi Musical Instruments in Maryland, for the steep price of $5,995 depending what kind of finish you want on it. At that price it’s not exactly going to take the world by storm. I mean, c’mon, if you take the strings off, it’s little more then a fancy ironing board. I have to give it some credit though, it does have an interesting and at times unique sound and it seems like you could do quite alot with it musically. Check out a video below.