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Horatio the intern keeping things… interesting

Posted in Humor by Darrin Olson on August 10th, 2008

It’s obvious that we can’t let just anyone be an intern with us here at the ‘Brick (along with the other Pragmatic Labs sites) so earlier this year we took time out to pour through all of the applications of intern hopefuls. Unfortunately there was only one application in the stack, but on the upside it did make for an easy decision.

Since then we’ve had the enjoyment of Horatio around the Pragma-plex, constantly giving suggestions, asking questions and soaking up the technology blogging industry like a sponge. I do think he’s enjoying himself but sometimes it’s kinda’ hard to tell. We’ve published a few videos showing what Horatio’s been up to and some insight into his interests. You can see some of our favorites after the jump or check out all of them at the SlipperyBrickTV channel on YouTube.

Thank you Horatio!