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Word Clock tells time, with words

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on June 14th, 2009

Word Clock tells time, with wordsMost clocks use numbers obviously. But if you want to be different, in a snooty, “I’m better than you and more literate”, kind of way, this is the clock for you. So wordy, it should have been built into the Kindle. It’s shaped like a baton with a clear acrylic tube, and spells out the time using fancy word-tech.

Nice design that offers more casual timekeeping. It was created by designers Hans Muller and Hans van Dongen. Since it’s 24-inches long, it can therefore be used as a weapon should someone break into your home. At which time you would stand over the bloodied attacker and say something cool like, “It’s half past me breaking your ass and a quarter to your balls.” This is a must have time-piece.