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Flexible PSP hand-grip for serious remote gaming

Posted in Games by Darrin Olson on February 8th, 2008

Flexible handgrip controller mount for the Sony PSPJapan’s Vis-a-Vis has a new PSP controller accessories do give you a better grip on your PSP or PSP lite. The “Flexible Hand Grip Pad Advance” mounts onto the back of the PSP to give a hand-hold similar to that of a Dual-Shock controller to avoid any of that cramping up during hours of remote play.

The flexible handgrip appears to still keep access to all the controls including the power button and Wi-Fi enable switch on the sides, and when it slides apart for use it even exposes the UMD tray on the back. When not in use the grip slides together to be a little more compact, but is still a pretty bulky accessory compared to the PSP itself.