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Elves the world over mourn: D&D’s Gygax has passed

Posted in Games by Nino Marchetti on March 4th, 2008

gygax.jpgHow many of us consider ourselves at least part geek? And being part geek means you’ve probably played D&D at some point, right? From that angle therefore we report with sad news that Dungeons & Dragons co-founder Gary Gygax has passed away today at age 69.

As we’ve reported on sister blog Pop Therapy, Gygax of late had been in poor health. During his heyday Gygax had an amazing contribution to the world of fantasy role playing games with his co-development of the uber-popular Dungeons & Dragons brand. His and Dave Arneson’s work in the old days of TSR made D&D the cornerstone of the modern fantasy RPG movement – you can see hints of its glory in almost any computer role playing game you enjoy today.