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BrickGun Glock 17 for LEGO related crime

Posted in Toys by Conner Flynn on May 16th, 2008

BrickGun Glock 17 for LEGO related crimes
The BrickGun Glock 17 is obviously our gun of choice here at the Brick. It’s perfect for LEGO related crime, and would come in real handy if you ever find yourself in an alternate universe where humans are LEGO people. It’s built to a 1:1 scale so it fits your hand just like the real thing.

It looks just like a LEGO replica, and even shares many details of the actual glock. You can even pull the slide back and cock the internal striker. Pulling the trigger will cause the striker to fall with a nice loud “click”. The slide can also be opened like the real deal when the magazine is emptied. Good thing this doesn’t shoot anything, so you can’t put somebody’s eye out. No word on pricing yet.

A Railgun Cannon. What’s Next Star Destroyers?

Posted in News,Science by Chris Weber on January 20th, 2007

Navy test railgun - a railgun demonstrated in stargate atlantisHow many games have you played that featured a railgun as a weapon? I’m guessing just a few under a thousand. From Halo to Stargate to the movie Eraser, railguns are just as much a part of the sci-fi genre as bad acting and large-chested blue aliens. Now however, railguns are no longer science fiction. They are a reality for the US Navy.

The Navy demonstrated its new toy at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. The weapon uses electromagnetism to propel non-explosive projectiles to high speeds. The new weapon should increase the range of US Navy vessels as well as decrease the cost. The railgun is expected to replace the expensive Tomahawk missile saving the Navy a lot of money. Because of the speed of the projectile …