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Jawbone Jambox Gold Limited Edition Bluetooth Speaker

Posted in Bluetooth by Reuben Drake on July 11th, 2011

The Jawbone Jambox Gold Limited Edition Bluetooth speaker is ready to launch in Japan anytime now. This wireless speaker supports Bluetooth HSP, HFP and A2DP capabilities.

It also features an integrated microphone to capture your voice and can be charged using a USB port or an AC adapter. The company will launch the Jawbone Jambox Gold Limited Edition Bluetooth speaker for 19,800 Yen (or $246).

Nintendo announces gold Wiimote for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on June 7th, 2011

Remember the old days when we played that gold Zelda cartridge? Good times. Cool cartridge. Well, now Nintendo has announced that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii is “finally done,”, but wait there’s more.

With its release this holiday season there will also be a limited edition gold Wiimote. With MotionPlus built-in. No details on price yet. Hopefully we will have more soon.

Gresso iPad with gold logo, African Blackwood case

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on December 28th, 2010

Gresso, makers of ultra-exclusive and expensive versions of popular consumer electronics, has now unveiled its latest product. Apple’s iPad, with 200-year-old African Blackwood as its case and an 18K gold Apple logo. Sadly, we don’t have any other details about the Gresso iPad, like what model has been selected.

We do know that it will be expensive. So expensive that they refuse to talk about it. Price will likely be revealed when the exclusive iPad goes on sale on New Year’s Eve. I’m pretty sure I can’t afford it.

Gold-dispensing ATMs coming to the US

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on September 29th, 2010

It’s about time. I can’t tell you how many times I have wished that I could grab a bar of gold from an ATM machine. But now Florida and Las Vegas residents will be able to do just that, as they are getting hundreds of these ATMs installed next year.

They will spit out smaller bars, not Fort Know sized bars. We’re talking 1 and 5 gram sizes; 10 gram and 28 gram (1 ounce) bars, and international coins from countries like South Africa, Australia and Canada, with the gold price being checked six times an hour.

Xbox Live Gold price increasing November 1st

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on August 30th, 2010

Here’s some sad news. We can’t say it’s unexpected though. Microsoft’s Major Nelson has just announced that Xbox Live Gold will be getting more expensive not only in the US, but also in the UK, Canada, and Mexico starting November 1.

One month will go from $7.99 to $9.99, three months will go from $19.99 to $24.99, and the yearly subscription will now be $59.99, up from $49.99. Microsoft is running a “lock in” promo for a discounted $40 one-year Gold sub starting November 1, which is nice if your subscription is ready to expire around then.

Fable III special edition Xbox 360 controller

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on August 15th, 2010

Fable fans, in addition to getting a third installment in the game will also be able to buy this gold limited edition Fable III Xbox 360 controller which is designed to look like the Crown of Albion. Now other players will be forced to call you your majesty while you mash buttons.

Release date is October 5th. That’s three weeks before the game arrives. Plus it comes with a token for downloading an exclusive in-game tattoo. |It will be priced at $59.99.

Wii Classic Controller Pro goes gold for GoldenEye 007

Posted in Wii Accessories by Conner Flynn on August 11th, 2010

Even when we play the new consoles, we all love old school controllers right? And when it comes to playing GoldenEye 007 this is the way it was meant to be played. If you don’t want to use a wiimote, check out this gold Classic Controller Pro. The limited edition controller is your standard Wii Classic, just the same color as 007’s Golden Gun.

It will ship later this year inside of a “Classic Edition” game/accessory bundle for $69.99. We aren’t sure if it will be available as a standalone peripheral, but since you are buying the game anyway, who cares? You only live twice.


iPad Supreme Edition

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on May 14th, 2010

So, you have a small fortune burning a hole in your pocket. Why buy a perfectly good iPad, when you can get a fugly and tacky version of the device?

Well, thank Stuart and Katherine Hughes who created this 22ct “solid gold” iPad Supreme Edition decked out in 53 gems. Here is your new purchase. Only £129,995 (or about $190k). It still lacks flash and as a bonus will get you mugged the second you use it in public.

Golden Xbox 360

Posted in Xbox 360 by Conner Flynn on April 4th, 2010

The folks at Computer Choppers just love dipping consoles in gold, like this 24-karat Xbox 360. With a plain jane Xbox you just have to worry about the Red Ring Of Death. With this $5,000 purchase, you have that to worry about and plus you might die at your wife’s hand.

The Xbox and its controller have both received the beautiful golden sheen. You don’t have to be filthy rich, but it helps. In which case, it goes well with all of your other blinged out stuff.

Samsung Diva S7070 Luxury Gold edition

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on March 19th, 2010

Are you a Diva? Do you spend all morning bitching about your director and the script to the make-up person? Have you gotten anyone fired yet today? Well, if you are a Diva, the Samsung Diva S7070 is for you. It comes in black and white and very soon it will arrive in a Luxury Gold edition.

The Samsung Diva S7070 will come with similar hardware specs as the original, like a 2.8″ QVGA touchscreen display with 16 million colors, the TouchWiz UI, an accelerometer, social networking integration, and a 3.2-megapixel. No word on price yet, but it’s a phone meant for a Diva like you.

PrestigeHD Supreme Rose: World’s most expensive television for $2.25 million

Posted in Television by Conner Flynn on March 12th, 2010

Looking for something decadent to put in your summer cottage in Monaco? No plain old TV will do, I know. You need something to match your blinged out iPod. Well, here’s a good TV to blow your money on. Stuart Hughes has announced the world’s most expensive Televisions. They are powered by Metz and manufactured by PrestigeHD.

The pricier of the two is the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition. For £1.5 million ($2,250,000), the 55” screen is encased with 28 kilograms of solid 18ct rose gold. The frame has 72 brilliant round cut 1ct IF flawless diamonds along with Sunstone and Amethyst. Alligator skin is even hand sewn on the inner screen layer.


iPod Supreme Rose for $95,000

Posted in iPod by Conner Flynn on February 9th, 2010

We’ve seen the 3GS Supreme Rose, so it was inevitable that at some point that they cover an iPod in gold too. Stuart Hughes is at it again and this time it’s an iPod.

It will cost you $95,000. Non douches need not apply. The iPod features 263 grams of 18k rose gold, a platinum rear Apple logo with 53 diamonds and a platinum navigation button on the front with 4.5ct of diamonds surrounding it.

The Nintendo Wii Supreme: Just $483,000

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on December 17th, 2009

The Nintendo Wii Supreme: Just $483,000You can cover any gadget in swarovski crystals, diamonds and even gold. But underneath, it’s still what it is. In this case we have a Wii covered in gold and diamonds. Yep, beneath all that glitter it’s still a Wii.

A Wii that will cost you £299,995 or about $483,000. It’s called the Nintendo Wii Supreme and it’s covered in 2,500 grams of solid 22ct gold. But that wasn’t enough so the front buttons are 78 x 0.25 ct Flawless diamonds which total 19.5 ct.

3Dinlife X5 DV Player

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on December 3rd, 2009

3Dinlife X5 DV PlayerThe 3Dinlife X5 Collection Version DV Player comes in 24K gold plate, with a laser etched signature and a VIP Gold Card. Wow, it must be so cool being in the rich spoiled brats club. It features an MPEG-4 recording twin lens 3D camera, with 3 megapixel JPG stills image capture.

There’s also a USB interface for downloading and a rechargeable battery that will deliver 2 hours of recording onto SD/MMC memory cards. Nothing on price, but you can bet it will be expensive.

$3.2m iPhone 3GS Supreme

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on November 26th, 2009

$3.2m iPhone 3GS SupremeLet’s face it, your iPhone doesn’t draw the kind of attention it used to now that everyone has one. Maybe it’s time to up your game to this blinged out iPhone. Surely you have a spare £1.92m (That’s $3.2m) to drop on this thing.

It is the shiny hellspawn of Goldstriker’s Stuart Hughes, who took 10 months to create it. Yeah, he’s a little slow as well as unimaginative. It was commissioned by an anonymous Australian gold mining magnate, which makes perfect sense since the phone features a bunch of gold and diamonds as well as a single cut rare 7.1 carat diamond in the home button.