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Acer Aspire Z5763 all-in-one with 3D screen, gesture control

Posted in Acer by Conner Flynn on April 28th, 2011

The Acer Aspire Z5763 is ready to pump out stereoscopic 3D images to NVIDIA 3D Vision specs, and it also uses its 2 megapixel webcam for a Kinect-like gesture recognition system that Acer calls “AirControl.” So, even though it looks like your typical All-in-one, it is clearly not. Soon you’ll be navigating through movie lists with simple gestures.

It features a 23-inch, 120Hz LCD screen that displays content at 1080p, Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors, NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 or 435M graphics, a Blu-ray drive, up to 2TB of storage and 16GB of DDR3 memory. It also has built-in stereo speakers with virtual surround sound to go with your 3D, and an optional TV tuner.

SmartTrack Neo adds multi-touch track pad to desktops

Posted in Computer Components by Shane McGlaun on April 20th, 2009

smarttrackneo-sbI am not a big fan of track pads and when I work with my notebook I typically use a mouse rather than having to mess with a slow track pad. I did really like the track pad on the last Asus Eee netbook I tested thanks to its gesture control, but I still didn’t want to replace my mouse with a track pad.

If you feel differently and wish that you could use a track pad for your desktop as well as your notebook that supports gestures, the SmartTrack Neo is just what you have been looking for. The device is a track pad that connects to any PC via USB.