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Blip: free geo-social interaction for your BlackBerry

Posted in Mobile Phones by Shane McGlaun on March 26th, 2008

Blip for BlackBerryThose BlackBerry users out there that have real jobs and actually get out of the house every now and again, unlike me, may find Blip to be an interesting and useful application. Using Blip you and your friends, family and co-workers can show your location to other people in your group.

Blip is from BlackLine GPS and according to BlackLine Blip users have complete and total control over who can see their location information. No one the user hasn’t approved can see the info. I can see this as both a good and bad thing. I guess it would be cool to see where in your city or block your pals are. However, if your boss, otherwise known as “The Man”, puts this on your BlackBerry he can see where you are as well. Kind of kills that opportunity to grab a long lunch break when you are out of the office working.